Download Software

This web site provides information about UT and/or CNS site-licensed software and other available software. You may not be qualified to use all the software listed here due to your University status and the software licensing agreements.

University Wide Licensed Software

The University provides some software free of charge. Popular software includes:

The University can also provided some licensed software for a fee but at reduced rates via the Campus Computer Store and Software Distribution and Sales. See the Software Distribution and Sales web site for details and a list of available software.

The University has a site license for ESRI ArcGIS for non-commercial use by UT faculty, staff and students. See for more information.

College Licensed Software


Mathematica is available to all College of Natural Sciences (CNS) Faculty, Staff, and Students. It is also available to any student taking a CNS course which requires the use of Mathematica.

Mathematica is available for download for Linux, Apple Mac OS X, and Windows machines.

We recommend you create an account on Wolfram's User Portal. If you do not already have one, you can create your account at by clicking on the "Create Account" button.

Important Notes About Getting Mathematica:
  1. Please use your University registered email address when requesting or registering downloads.
  2. While you can use the Wolfram site without creating a login, it is recommended you create a login so you can easily get updated licenses when they become available.
  3. The license in renewed annually, usually around February of each year. Depending on your license, you may need to get new one each year.
  4. It may take a few days to complete the Home Use license process -- please be patient!
  5. When requesting a Home Use license, please do not ask them to send a CD to your site administrator! We recommend either you use the electronic download option, or have them send a CD directly to you.
  6. If you need a version of Mathematica not available here, visit the CNS Help Desk or call the CNS Help Desk at 512-232-1077 for assistence.


We now have site-licensed MATLAB for the following categories of users:

To find out more about how to get MATLAB, either visit the CNS Help Desk, call the CNS Help Desk at 512-232-1077 for assistence, or visit the web page UT Service Now MATLAB Information.


The College of Natural Sciences in conjunction with the College of Engineering have an Academic site-license for LabView. Information and software is available from the College of Engineering.

AutoDesk (AutoCAD)

AutoDesk (AutoCAD) is available as a free student version. The Autodesk Student Version incorporates all the functionality of the professional licenses, but includes a print banner making the software inappropriate for professional, commercial, or for-profit purposes, and may NOT be used in the classroom or lab for instructional purposes. Download it at (requires registration).